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japanese shemale nozomi

Japanese shemale Nozomi returns to Shemale Japan and she’s definitely turning heads! I’m not sure why, but no matter what she’s wearing, she kind of looks like a dominatrix ready to control any available man. Just look at the seductive look in her eyes in the picture above, Nozomi is the kind of shemale who takes control of any situation.

With her beautiful feet, huge rock-hard cock and her cool looks, Nozomi is said to have no peers among all the new-half escorts in Osaka. She is an A-lister new-half!

Nozomi is an out-going, lively, caring and warm-hearted girl. She likes men who work hard and try their best to achieve their dreams. She prefers men with brains to men with muscles.

As `The Queen of Osaka`, this beauty has no intention to go to the capital Tokyo. `I feel at home here speaking with an Osaka accent, and life in a super-metropolis like Tokyo is just too tiring,` said Nozomi.

Japanese shemale NozomiJapanese newhalf Nozomi

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