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Japanese Bondage Shemale ReinaJapanese Newhalf Reina

I’m not exactly sure why a Japanese shemale mistress like Reina Shiranui would be in a pool hall, but I’m way to distracted by her lingerie to think about it too hard. I have all these scenarios of Reina using that cock of hers to play pool, knocking those balls into all the pockets.

Mistress Reina Shiranui is always on her nation-wide tours. Although she usually does not do nudity photo-shoots, she made an exception for us for the first time to show her penis and ass-pussy.  28 yr old Reina has baby smoth skin under dominatrix outfit. Her body is very shapely, her penis hard and straight, and her countenance resolute. She is into all things S&M including whipping, slave-training,and other kinky things that you will ONLY see on Shemale Japan!

Japanese Shemale Reina


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    James Madison 

    I worship her!

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